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April 2, 2023 K’Millian Presents His Concert

K’Millian Presents His Concert

Leo Moyo a Zambian R&B musician also known as (K’Millian) by stage name is presenting his musical skills yet again on his live concert which is proudly presented by go between events.

K’Millian Presents His Live Concert on the 8th of April 2023 on THE X PLACE KITWE from 18:00 till kabalika(Sun Shine). The concert will be accompanied along with a lot local artists from whence among them includes “Petersen” the greatest artist of all time who have made Zambia dance in many moments.

This event will be pampered with music which you ought not to miss. Let’s all support our artists with a huge attendance . Presale tickets are available at only K100.

K’Millian previously sung ” do you remember?”Kakabalika” (‘The Sun Will Shine Again) – a song which tells the story of a pregnant woman who is abandoned, “Pa Ulendo” – a song praising a woman for her prayers and thoughts as he makes a journey to see her, “Nizakukonda”, “Another Day” and “Uleibukisha”. His album “Another Day” spent over 21 weeks as no. 1 in the Zambian charts, whilst “Kakabalika” spent more than 14 weeks at no. 1 on the Radio Phoenix Local Rhythmz Countdown.

Come one , come all and let’s see what the K’Millian have on the table for us all on the 8th of April 2023.