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March 28, 2023 Slap Dee Speaks At Harvard

A popular Zambian hip hop artist and celebrity Mwila Musonda, Populary known as Slap Dee says young budding artistes, especially from Africa need to be taught how to use their fame to generate income and meet their day to day needs.

Speaking to students at the African Business Conference hosted by Harvard University, Centre for African Studies in the United States, Slap Dee said artistes need to learn the business side of the entertainment and music industry because it’s a very important approach.

Slap Dee was part of the 70 artistes who were speaking at the Conference and on Saturday he shared a clip of his presentation on social media which went viral.

In the presentation he highlighted the lack of platforms and facilities such as the African Business Conference in order to exchange knowledge among other key factors needed in the growth of an artist.

We (artists) are not taught how to do business in music. Usually we think that when we have talent it’s enough to get us across the globe and that’s not the case,” Slap Dee stated.

He further Stated that, “Young artistes have to be taught the business side of the industry, how to monetize the fame.”

He also said that some artistes need to utilise their fame on on Tik Tok and translate the streams on YouTube or Spotify into a steady income stream which is not the case.

Slap Dee disclosed that he plans on sharing the knowledge from the conference to the young artiste in Zambia once intends to school them on the importance of business in music .

The African Business Conference hosted by Harvard University, which Slap D attended is an annual event which has been held for 25 years.

It seeks to explore Africa’s next chapter under the theme: “Africa Accelerated: Leaps and Bounds into the Next Decade.”